The .scot domain is Scotland’s internet identity and the community domain for ‘the worldwide family of Scots’. It was acquired five years ago when the internet was opened up to new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). The application was supported by the Scottish Government, Scottish organisations at home and abroad and a number of high profile Scots, including Sir Sean Connery.

Current users include the Scottish Government (, Scottish Parliament ( and the Scottish film industry ( as well as 18,000 businesses, cultural organisations and individuals who want to highlight their Scottish connection or simply like having ‘.scot’ as part of their internet identity. Thousands of others use an email-only option, including [email protected] 

The census shows that there are around 260,000 people living in London and the South East who were born in Scotland and many more who are Scottish by descent or affinity. There are numerous businesses with a connection to Scotland and Scottish cultural organisations including St Andrews and Caledonian societies, Burns clubs and those that promote and practice Highland games, piping, Highland dancing, Scottish country dance and so on. All are eligible for a .scot domain and welcome into the .scot family.

Why choose a .scot domain?

  • You can get the exact name you want,  imaginative, attractive and concise. You are unlikely to get it with the bigger domains
  • Highlights your Scottish connection with all the positive connotations that come with that
  • Improves your search results and can benefit SEO
  • Improved cyber-security
  • Raises you above the crowd - .scot domains are more memorable and identifiable
  • Research shows that customers are more likely to buy from a .scot website

Harry McGrath, Chair and Head of Engagement and Global Outreach, dotScot Registry:

"As a 25 year resident of Canada, latterly with the Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, I am keenly aware of the intimate connections between Scotland and its diaspora and have long sought ways to bring them together. In the internet age, the .scot domain has the power to overcome distance and connect the constituent parts of the worldwide family of Scots in ways that were previously unthinkable.”

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland:

“The Scottish Government’s on-line identity is clearly defined by the .scot domain and marks us out in a crowded Internet. We led by example in adopting the domain as our primary web address and it is encouraging to see that so many thousands continue to follow.”

David C. Weinczok:

"There is no denying the potency of Scotland’s brand – its castles, dramas, and scenery are world-famous, as well as Scotland’s progressive position in global affairs. Having a .scot domain name ( is a way of instantly identifying my brand with what Scotland means to the world." 

Scottish Screen

“Our website is a platform to showcase the wide range of support, funding and services we offer, as well as the exciting stories about work happening in our film and TV sector. It’s an important tool that travels with us throughout Scotland and across the world to international Film Festivals like Toronto, San Sebastian, Berlinale, Cannes, and Tribeca.”

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