The Scottish Government’s newly appointed Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, Mr Ivan McKee MSP, made his first visit to the Scotland House on 19 September 2018.

Over breakfast, he met with ten businesses including Scotland House members Kissing with Confidence, Corero Network Security Plc, Beauty Kitchen UK Ltd, Genoa Black, and Craft Design House.

The Minister had a keen interest in learning about the challenges and opportunities for Scottish SMEs considering trading out-with Scotland for the first time. In turn, he took the opportunity to outline some of his priorities for maintaining and building upon Scotland’s trade and investment performance.

The members in attendance were comprised of various levels, had an interest in trade, and represented a plethora of sectors from products, services, arts, and technology. They were all awarded the opportunity to offer their views and insight on how Scottish companies can make more effective use of London as a centre for global trade and investments and their first-hand experience of the trade opportunities that are present in London for Scotland.  

In addition to the members discussing their ambitions to expand to London, a number of other issues were discussed that included: how London can become an even more important hub for Scottish companies post Brexit, the opportunity to develop the idea of London as a ‘first destination market’ supporting the growth of Scottish companies, and the actions Scotland must take to maintain its position as the 2nd (after London) most attractive UK location for foreign direct investment.